Exam preparation

If you’re thinking of moving abroad for work or for studies, it’s almost certain that you’ll need to take an internationally recognized exam. In this case, we suggest preparation courses for the various Cambridge exams (YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE) and IELTS.

Sam Academy English classes


Cambridge exams are recognized by the Ministry of Education as the equivalent of the English exam for bilingual classes, and exempts you from having to take the English Baccalaureate. The Cambridge Advanced Certificate is recognized as a proof of linguistic ability by the majority of European universities. 

Our teachers, who include Cambridge examiners, will help you choose the most suitable exam for your needs, as well as how to improve your score.

Test your ability in English FOR FREE, and together with our experts choose the exam that’s right for you.



This is an exam specifically for those who wish to study or work in English, or within an English-speaking environment.

Sam, our IELTS expert, will help you obtain the best score possible. 

We invite you to a free simulation to of the exam, in which you can see first-hand what it’s like to take the IELTS, and also to receive advice on how best to prepare for the IELTS. 

We offer eight IELTS workshops, which will help you prepare for this exam. 

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