Courses for Children and Teenagers

If you decide to take up our courses, your child will benefit from a positive environment, in which they will become confident in their linguistic abilities and, at the same, they will develop emotional, cognitive, social and physical skills.

Sam Academy English Classes

Our aim is to motivate children to take part actively and naturally in class. That is why we chose topics they will enjoy and textbooks adapted to their needs.

General English Courses- module of 64 sessions

Price: 1950 lei/ module

 We use interactive textbooks, with online resources from National Geographic Learning. 

The children are evaluated continuously, and at the end of each module they will receive a report and a diploma.



Parents can be sure that, according to their age, their children will:

  • learn and practise what we have studied through songs, rhymes, stories and games
  • develop social abilities specific to the activities in class
  • be evaluated at the end of the course
  • develop both reading and listening as well as writing and speaking skills
  • use language in context
  • be involved in role-play and learn to work in teams to make various projects throughtout the year
  • be encouraged to use only English in class
  • learn grammar and vocabulary, by getting the meaning and the structure from examples, they will ’discover’ the rules on their own, under the guidance of their English teacher

Sam Academy English Classes